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[BC2510] Food, Ethnicity, and Globalization

December 30, 2012

Hall, Kim
[BC2510] Food, Ethnicity, and Globalization

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I'm surprised this is the first review for Professor Hall, since she has been at Barnard for a few years. But anyone who has had her can tell you that Professor Hall is an incredibly brilliant, caring, lovely, and thoughtful professor.

Food, Ethnicity, and Globalization was split between people taking it for general interest, to fulfill one of the 9 ways, or for a major requirement. It is a very discussion-based class: groups of students take turns leading class discussions, and Professor Hall only actually lectures a few times. But Professor Hall moderates almost all of the discussion, and her thoughtful responses to everyone's input are just one of the many amazing things about her.

I highly recommend this class, if only for the experience of being in Professor Hall's presence. Your enjoyment in the class will likely be dependent on the other students, since it is so discussion-based, but if you do the readings and really participate this class is a wonderful, consciousness-altering experience.


Readings for every class, ranging from entire novels to short articles
4 online Wiki posts
In-class Midterm: 1 long essay, 2 short
In-class Final: 2 long essays, 2 short

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