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[PSYCH BC1010] Intro to Psychology Lab

May 06, 2015

Light, Ken
[PSYCH BC1010] Intro to Psychology Lab

The below reviews are, quite frankly, ridiculous, and clearly written by students who didn't put any effort into the class. I think we can all acknowledge that Intro Psych Lab is not the most enthralling course that Barnard has to offer. All the same, it teaches the fundamentals of lab work in psychology, a skill which an alarming amount of people simply don't have upon entering college and are in desperate need of learning.

Professor Light is, simply put, a brilliant professor. His specialties are in behavioral neuroscience and intelligence. Have a one-on-one conversation with him (that is, if you're not the typical "I'm only taking this to fulfill the requirement" students who probably doesn't give a damn and shouldn't be allowed in the already scarce psych labs, anyway) about his research and you'll be floored by his knowledge and inspired to take more upper-level psych courses. I've heard great things about his Learning Lab, and would encourage anyone who wants a hands on experience to try it. He does a damn good job of trying to make required material as interesting as possible-- a nearly impossible task, which Light does with humor, wit, and the occasional 80's or early 90's theme song.

The workload is reasonable and entirely manageable, and Professor Light is incredibly approachable and a very funny, interesting guy if you actually take the time to get to know him. Unlike many Columbia and Barnard professors, Light cares about what you have to say, is incredibly available to help with assignments and explain material, understands that his is not the only course you're taking, and sets reasonable requirements and goals for coursework. Showing even a modicum of intelligence and effort (increasingly a rarity at this school, I'm sorry to say) will set you on the right track to success. Put in the time and effort and you will see the results (as all courses should be).

I couldn't recommend Professor Light any higher.


Completely reasonable. Lab reports (which build skills such as APA formatting that you'll use not only in other labs but also in the real world), a handful of other assignments, and a very manageable final exam if you pay attention and take good notes.

April 05, 2014

Light, Ken
[PSYCH BC1010] Introduction to Experimental Psychology Lab and [PSYCH BC1010] Intro to Psychology Lab

Although Professor Light's course was limited by the demands of a 3 hour lab (i.e. they're always kind of tedious), I honestly think that it was the best way I'd have wanted to be exposed to experimental psychology.

The best part about the class was having such a supportive and genuinely good person as a teacher. Professor Light is always interested in and excited about the material and enabling students to understand and enjoy it. He's responsive to class emails and questions, and was flexible enough to allow me to change lab sections in the very beginning of the course, when I had to attend an event that was really important. And while the lecture is (too) long (I sincerely don't understand why departments actually feel the need to institute 3 hour labs in the first place), his genuineness makes it enjoyable and you really do learn.

My advice: participation is graded in class anyways, but my particular class this year tended to be very (sometimes overly) participatory. Paying attention and asking good questions made the experience more rewarding for both Professor Light and for us -- Definitely stay involved!


The material itself isn't difficult, but assignments often do take time (especially learning to graph in excel). That being said, the work wasn't busy work -- I found all of the assignments actually instructive, and it was interesting to create and run experiments and see the results of other groups.

December 08, 2013

Light, Ken
[PSYCH BC1010] Intro to Psychology Lab

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I took this class last year, and while I didn't particularly enjoy this class while I was in it (a 3 hour lab in the morning can do that to ya), having moved on to more advanced psychology courses, I have come to really appreciate Ken and his teaching.

Ken is extremely supportive, approachable and organized. His class prepared me (even over-prepared me) for future psychology classes. I still use his APA formatting guides and data analysis guides for a refresher when I need it.

His lectures were very clear and comprehensive. He really wants you to do well, and understands that this is an intro class, so he's very accessible if you need help.

Is a 3 hour lab class (often with a 1-2 hour lecture) going to be the most interesting use of your time? No. But Ken will really help you build useful skills, especially if you will be going on to other psychology courses.


A little heavy for a 1.5 credit class. Online quizzes, 2 exams, short writing assignments, lab report, presentation (assignments have changed a bit since I took this course.)

April 29, 2013

Light, Ken
[PSYCH BC1010] Intro to Psychology Lab and [BC1010] Intro to Psychology of Learning Lab

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This man is terrible. Avoid all his labs.

You can do the work and get through with a good grade, but don't expect to be even mildly intellectually stimulated. Everyone is browsing the internet the whole time. Ken can be totally fine, just way too stuck up about the "policies" of the psych department.

The 3 hour-long class could easily be condensed into 1 hour, 1.5 tops, but he drags on and makes you suffer. He also feels the need to email you 100 times throughout the week with essay-length instructions and "clarifications" on things. It's like, no one cares man, this is a 1.5 credit requirement.

If for any reason he feels like you are not making an "earnest" effort to complete your "science requirement in order to graduate from barnard" he might be out to get you. Watch out. And do not hesitate to contact your Dean or the Psych department to sort it out for you. I have a feeling this has happened to him more than once. Good luck, Kennio.


Labs and writing assignments that make you feel stupid at something that's not even smart. Do it ahead of time and go to his office hours to get him to point out your dumb little mistakes that result in like, 10 points off for "shadows" on graphs and incorrect formatting.

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PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC1010: Intro Lab Experimental Psych Kara Pham 2012 Fall R / 9:00-12:00 PM 4
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PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC1010: Intro Lab Experimental Psych Kara Pham 2012 Fall M / 4:00- 7:00 PM 2
PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC1010: Intro Lab Experimental Psych Kara Pham 2012 Fall M / 9:00-12:00 PM 1