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[BC1010] Intro to Psychology of Learning Lab

May 29, 2017

Light, Ken
[BC1010] Intro to Psychology of Learning Lab

I really enjoyed this course with Professor Light. He is a dedicated professor and knows a lot about the psychology of learning. I went to him when I didn't understand something and he was always willing to help me. He told us exactly what he wanted for the assignments and made his expectations super clear. He is a fair grader.


Not too bad. Follow his instructions and you'll be fine.

April 29, 2013

Light, Ken
[PSYCH BC1010] Intro to Psychology Lab and [BC1010] Intro to Psychology of Learning Lab

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This man is terrible. Avoid all his labs.

You can do the work and get through with a good grade, but don't expect to be even mildly intellectually stimulated. Everyone is browsing the internet the whole time. Ken can be totally fine, just way too stuck up about the "policies" of the psych department.

The 3 hour-long class could easily be condensed into 1 hour, 1.5 tops, but he drags on and makes you suffer. He also feels the need to email you 100 times throughout the week with essay-length instructions and "clarifications" on things. It's like, no one cares man, this is a 1.5 credit requirement.

If for any reason he feels like you are not making an "earnest" effort to complete your "science requirement in order to graduate from barnard" he might be out to get you. Watch out. And do not hesitate to contact your Dean or the Psych department to sort it out for you. I have a feeling this has happened to him more than once. Good luck, Kennio.


Labs and writing assignments that make you feel stupid at something that's not even smart. Do it ahead of time and go to his office hours to get him to point out your dumb little mistakes that result in like, 10 points off for "shadows" on graphs and incorrect formatting.

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