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[ASSTW4600] Jews and Christians in Southeast Asia

May 02, 2013

McDermott, Rachel Silver_nugget
[ASSTW4600] Jews and Christians in Southeast Asia

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This is my third class that I have taken with Professor McDermott. She is absolutely amazing! Regardless of what she teaches, I highly recommend that you take her class.

Jews and Christians in Southeast Asia is a class that she teaches every 3 years. So best jump on the opportunity when you have it (I waited over a year for it)!
I am a well educated Jew, and she did an incredible job covering the Jewish part of the course. I learned an incredible amount, and was unbelievably excited to come to class every day. It was very interesting. That being said, Professor McDermott begins teaching, by being wholly academically honest, and saying that she is not an expert in the field, and is teaching what little she does know. And honestly, she knows a heck of a lot. The Christian part of the course is also incredibly interesting, but I personally think harder, as it is difficult to keep track of all of the different sects and communities (compared to two or three "groups" in each of three cities for the Jewish portion of the course).

Anyone who is majoring in this area, or interested in India, or with a free course to spare would do well to take a course with Professor McDermott. She is one of the warmest, sweetest Professors I have had here, and honestly cares that her students learn, as opposed to just getting good grades.

She also shows a number of wonderful films, and brings in speakers. We heard from Rabbi Romiel Daniel, a Bene Israel born and raised in India, and Father Jebamani, a Dalit priest. Both were wonderfully fascinating. There is also a field trip to a church (that you will choose), that is a wonderful cultural experience.


Readings for each class. Not super heavy. About 50-80 pages.
Two papers. One of the Jewish component, and one in the Christian component, but with a much broader theme choice.
One final.

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