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[CLMEG4227] Islamic Context of a Thousand Arabian Nights

May 07, 2013

Ali (al-Musawi), Muhsin Silver_nugget
[CLMEG4227] Islamic Context of a Thousand Arabian Nights

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Yes, Musawi is disorganized and sometimes it is actually a challenge to find the reading because it is not really clear on the syllabus what the reading and then you have to google it and hope it's the right translation...

But that being said, he is a really nice man (and he actually kind of looks like a teddy bear), and he really wants his students to learn. He is really accessible at office hours and very helpful. Which is really amazing, considering how famous he is (but actually in the Arab World, he is really important). I would recommend however, that this class only be taken by students who have some good foundational knowledge of Islam or you can really get lost. Musawi is very knowledgeable, but as someone once said, "he is a wealth of knowledge-- with no index". You really have to know what to ask in order to get the best responses out of him.

The class and the readings we read were really great and interesting, and a Thousand Arabian Nights is such a great read. And many of the supplementary readings were really great (especially the ones by more modern Arabic writers, playwrights, and poets). I'm actually going to read more of their works because of this class.

So overall, take this class. You learn a lot and literally everyone gets an A (unless you really screw it up, so don't).


1 intervention (which from my understanding, is like a paper or a presentation? I still don't really know). 1 presentation about a set of readings done for the class. And a 20 page research paper, which is graded really leniently. You learn a lot when writing and researching for it.

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MELC / CLME MELC CLME G4227: Islamic Context Arabian Nights Muhsin Ali (al-Musawi) 2012 Fall R / 2:10- 4:00 PM 1
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