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[SUMA 4155] Energy Markets & Innovation

May 20, 2013

Bradford, Travis
[SUMA 4155] Energy Markets & Innovation

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Professor Bradford is a stand-out teacher. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, sometimes entertaining and funny and always a lively and high energy lecturer. He is organized, has very good PowerPoint slides (downloadable via Courseworks). Columbia’s tuition is not cheap but if any class I’ve taken here (in the SUMA program) seems worth the price, it was this one with Bradford. If he taught other classes that interested me then I would very seriously consider them… Very highly recommended!


There are six problem sets worth 40% of the grade and an in-class final exam worth 50%. The last 10% is classroom participation. The TA (Daniel Couch) during the Spring 2013 semester was excellent. The problem sets can be challenging and very (or very very) long but are all relevant. Readings include two paperback books plus a fair amount of weekly readings of articles / documents reading (mostly on Courseworks). If you’re looking for a class with an easy / light workload then this is not it. FWIW, I definitely consider the work to have been worth it.

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