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[PSYCH BC1124] Psychology of Personality--Lab

December 07, 2013

Etengoff, Chana
[PSYCH BC1124] Psychology of Personality--Lab

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Etengoff is very engaging--she's a great lecturer and definitely knows how to engage students with the subject matter. She cares a lot about students and is very willing to help all students who reach out to her. Her "no nonsense" approach to handling students is very, very, VERY refreshing: Etengoff is very honest to students about the quality of their work and she also sends isn't afraid to let students know when their work/effort/whatever is substandard--you'll get a lot of helpful feedback from her. Etengoff is both supportive and rigorous at the same time. She genuinely wants everyone to do well and offers guidance to anyone who seeks her out, but she will make you work for that A. (I went to her office hours and emailed her frequently and, at the end of the term, she offered to review my final research paper, which is only something she offered to students who consistently showed throughout the semester that they cared about the class.)

You might hear some not-nice things about Professor Etengoff from other students, but don't pay attention to those. Many people going into psych lab have an expectation that the class will be an easy A and that it will be easy to trick or take advantage of a new, young professor from CUNY. But Professor Etengoff has very little tolerance for that kind of bullshit, which is frustrating to privileged students who are used to having A's and extensions handed to them on a silver platter. Professor Etengoff is the friendliest professor ever, but ONLY if you show her, the class, and the subject matter a degree of respect.

Asides from Professor Etengoff, the lab was okay. Personality psychology, in my opinion, isn't super exciting, but the lab helped to contextualize aspects of the lecture. Discussions about the ethics and implications behind classical, well known studies were also very interesting.


Weekly assignments that cumulate in a final research project and presentation. Do the smaller assignments, even though they're not worth that much of your grade, because they will seriously help you with the final project/presentation--I wrote my entire final paper based off of the worksheets.

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC1124: Psych of Personality Lab Barbara Woike, Joshua Davis 2012 Fall W / 9:00-12:00 PM 2
PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC1124: Psych of Personality Lab Barbara Woike, Joshua Davis 2012 Fall M / 12:30- 3:30 PM 1