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[CNAD K4130] Green Buildings

January 17, 2014

Yarmuth, Lauren
[CNAD K4130] Green Buildings

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I really enjoyed Lauren Yarmuth's Green Buildings course. The course is centered around the LEED GA exam which you can take in place of the final. The slideshow presentations are typically series of photos that the teacher elaborates on. Most of the material you will have to learn is going to be on your own, self-study. She assigns very few homework assignments and doesnt believe in grades, so you do not receive much feedback on them.

The on-going project throughout the class is a group project where you plan to "build" a building on Governor's Island. Its a great exercise, but again, will require alot of self-study and research. She also brings in good guest lecturers. Overall, a great overview course into green buildings, but does not get into many technical aspects.


Most assignments are focused around the group project. Studying on your own for the LEED GA exam is probably the most time-consuming part of the class.

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DVSP / CNAD DVSP CNAD K4130: Grn Bldg & Sust: Tools & Tech Lauren Yarmuth 2012 Fall M / 6:10- 8:00 PM 1