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[K4230] The Earth's Climate System

June 08, 2014

Cook, Benjamin and Cook, Benjamin
[K4230] The Earth's Climate System and [SUMA K4230] The Earth's Climate System

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Cook is very organized (he has taught this class a multiple of times previously), very responsive to emails, has excellent downloadable PowerPoint lecture slides (which obviate most needs to take notes) and is very clear in his explanations in class. I wish there was a weekly recitation (with the TA?) to go over the lectures and ask questions as the professor introduces lots of new material each week. This is not an easy class but it is taught in a very competent manner.


Three (not easy) problem sets which one can work on in a group of up to three, one 10-page research (review) paper and one in-class final. There is no textbook assigned for the class, one is dependent on class lecture notes, the live lectures and the TA if needed (the professor is also very responsive to questions via email). The grading seemed to be both reasonable and fair.

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