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[FR BC3006] Composition and Conversation

May 22, 2014

Postlewate, Laurie Silver_nugget
[FR BC3006] Composition and Conversation

Prof. Postlewate is a great teacher, she's friendly, funny and engaging. This class is participation based, but it's not daunting. The class breakup is very reasonable and it's really easy to do well. She makes herself really available for help if needed. We use voice thread a lot to practice our French speaking skills and engage the vocabulary in different ways. We also have 4 debates (you only participate in one for your grade, though) about things like marriage equality, the French vs. American school system, freedom of speech and privacy and I forget the last one. We watch one film, La faute à Fidel!, though I'm not sure if it changes with each class. Overall this class was great, and it's the perfect amount of work. The grade breakdown makes it relatively easy to do well if you try. She's also really understanding if you have to turn in something late, just be honest.


20% participation, 40% compositions (4, 2-4page papers & there are revisions so you can get the best grade possible), 20% for the debate, 10% for weekly journal entries and I can't remember what the other 10% is for... I think the voice thread.

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