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Introduction to Psychology

May 03, 2015

Stokes, Patricia Silver_nugget
Introduction to Psychology

I valued Stokes' accessibility as a professor. It is easy to ask questions in class or approach her after lecture. After hearing anecdotes about her husband Ronny, suburban upbringing, adverting career, and vacations to exotic locales, I feel that I know her as a person. I do wish that she would eliminate irrelevant anecdotes, and just tell ones that pertain to psychology.

Throughout the course, I craved more information. I know that this is an introductory class, but I felt that we barely skimmed over the brain and other critical topics. As Columbia students, we are intelligent enough to handle a more rigorous and in-depth curriculum.

Whenever Stokes was asked about the neurochemistry that drives behavior, she would stumble and have to look at her notes. She is most knowledgable about problem-solving and presented a fascinating powerpoint about the psychology of Monet's creativity. The math program that she created for elementary-school students is also impressive.

Stokes is clearly a visual learner, and often would present information in schematic diagrams. It was difficult for me to digest concepts in this way, since the connections between ideas (drawn with arrows, lines etc.) were vague and confusing.


3 tests and essays. Very light.

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