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[RELIV1710] God

April 26, 2016

Anidjar, Gil
[RELIV1710] God

Gil had an interesting teaching style. He always asked for questions at the beginning of lecture, but didn't always seem to get around to answering them. He just kind of talked about what he had planned and then if something was related to a question, would point that out. I guess he took questions to encourage participation, but I had no motivation to ask a question because I didn't think it would be answered. Pretty much everything he said was interesting, though.

TOO MUCH reading. There weren't many assignments so reading was basically the only thing we had to do, but it was impossible to get through it all. I ended up doing very little of it on a weekly basis and then doing what was necessary for the midterm and final paper.

The only reason I'm hesitant to say I'd recommend is because Gil added an attendance policy after the drop deadline, and students could only miss 2 classes. That was pretty annoying for someone who hadn't been missing very often, but wanted the option when necessary.


A lot of weekly reading
Midterm paper on 3 readings
Final take-home paper

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