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[PSYC BC3382] Adolescent Psychology

May 04, 2016

Sacks, Susan
[PSYC BC3382] Adolescent Psychology

Professor Sacks is incredible. She is patient, intelligent, fair, engaging, knowledgeable, and generally wonderful. She has high expectations and doesn't tolerate students who do not put time into the course, but she is also extremely understanding. She is super encouraging.

Professor Sacks has office hours and values the time you spend in them. She will talk through difficult or confusing topics, help you generate new ideas, and will encourage you to pursue research on topics of interest to you. She values learning for the sake of learning and will always be understanding if you have extra questions. She puts a lot of preparation and effort into the course, and expects students to do the same.

This course is excellent. You will focus a lot on female adolescent psychology and will cover many dimensions of adolescent development.


You can get away with not doing some readings, but you should only take this course if you're genuinely interested in the topic. Doing the readings is worth it.

2 observations or interviews and write-up about each, approx. 5 pages each
Weekly, substantial reading
Final research paper, approx. 20 pages

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