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History of the Mongols

May 10, 2016

Rossabi, Morris
History of the Mongols

This guy is extremely nice. The class covers quite a bit, but it has a good pace. He is an extremely knowledgable man, and one of the authorities in his field. He is very straightforward with what to study for the midterm and final, and the one paper is only 10 pages and on any topic you screen by him. The actual material in the class is interesting, and if you attend classes you don't need to do a ton of the reading. I highly recommend taking the class. It meets once a week, is a cool topic, and is easy to study for.


One midterm-- one essay picked out of three options. A final-- two essays; one that is mandatory, but is an obvious general topic, and a second essay chosen out of three options. A term paper--ten pages.

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