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[E4505] Operations Research in Public Policy

August 21, 2016

Sethuraman, Jay
[E4505] Operations Research in Public Policy

The subject matter in this class is incredibly interesting, however, the execution is quite poor. The course consists of reading an OR research paper for each class. The research topics are pretty cool, like apportionment, OR in homeland security, hospital ER rooms, etc. The class is broken down into groups, and each lecture, one group will teach the whole class by summarizing and explaining the findings of a paper. Students not presenting are supposed to have read the papers ahead of time, but since it's not enforced, typically nobody reads the papers and nobody pays attention to the lecture either. Jay did lecture the first few classes, which were probably the best classes of the semester and people actually paid attention to.

I personally was part of the 10% of the class that actually read papers ahead of time and paid attention during lectures so I felt that I got something out of the class. However, the other 90% of people simply were on their phones the entire class (if they even chose to show up). It's quite disheartening to look around and see pretty much no one paying attention in class. I think Jay is restructuring the class soon (hopefully). Overall, very easy class with potential to be very interesting. You get out of it what you put in. Please don't be part of the majority of people who are disrespectful and pay zero attention in class.



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