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[IEOR E4706] foundations of financial engineering

December 22, 2016

Haugh, Martin
[IEOR E4706] foundations of financial engineering

Worst professor ever. Let me list a few enlightening qualities of Mr. Martin

1. Doesn't know much about anything but acts as if he is like Prof. Derman ( Too much ego )
2. Basically rehashes materials from all his courses
3. If all things are pretty obvious, I don't understand why we need you to tell that to us Martin
4. Least helpful guy who you would ever have the displeasure to meet
5. He said he had some fun stories to share about Peter Carr who he thinks is not that great ( Do people even that you exist Martin ? ) - Basically thinks he is better than the best.
6. Look at his linked in profile and tell me why is he is in anyway qualified to teach here ( where you get the cream of the crop ). I think the the only reason he is still not fired is that he sucks up a lot to the chair presumably.

Now the only redeeming quality is that the course is good and seems to be well thought out. Just because the material is good doesn't mean you don't need to teach and get away with everything.

In summary: A guy who is fun who you can grab a drink with, but stay away from his courses.


Moderate, but grading is random and answers seem to be who writes english which apppears to be most aligned with this thougts ( very subjective ). Just take the materials from someone else and skip this. Way better courses on offer.

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