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[PSYC 1001 X] Introduction to Psychology

December 23, 2016

Stokes, Patricia Silver_nugget
[PSYC 1001 X] Introduction to Psychology

At first I was puzzled why professor Stokes was highly rated. She talked so quietly she was barely audible, and her notes on the board were (in the words of a classmate) "a disaster." I considered bailing, but after a whole semester I'm glad I stayed. While her lectures stayed a bit difficult to follow, it wasn't hard to make sense of them by looking over my notes after the fact. She was actually a deceptively good teacher, and very fair. She only tested on material presented in class (didn't need to buy the textbook), and didn't ask trick questions. The material was fascinating, and more neuroscience-oriented than I'd expected for an Intro to Psych class. We learned a lot about learning (which is her specialty) and stress, which were both very practical for students. I'd definitely recommend this class to anyone (well, maybe not to the hearing impaired!) even if you think you're not interested in psychology.


Not bad. Three exam: two midterms and a final. Each midterm includes a take-home essay, plus an extra credit take-home essay. With the extra credit it isn't hard to get a 100 on the exams. For the final she gave us three essays through the last weeks of class, basically summing up the lectures about a particular subject and applying it to a specific case. The final exam was brief. The essays weren't hard, and forced us to learn the material well, which made the exams easier.

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