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Intro to Third World Studies

January 26, 2017

Okihiro, Gary Silver_nugget
Intro to Third World Studies

Wow I'm pretty surprised by the negative reviews of this professor. I took Third World Studies with him and I found both the readings (though heavy) and his lectures to be really powerful and thought-provoking. He definitely comes to class with I guess what some might call his "opinions" but every professor has opinions and political standpoints, and Prof Okihiro is definitely open - and very encouraging - of having conversations about his lectures and the readings. All these comments about how he hates white people pretty much reflect how upset white people felt about taking a class that analyzed the power of our subject position and centered scholars and theorists of color.
Professor Okihiro is incredibly sweet, incredibly smart, and very articulate about the different power structures at play both in the US and globally. As a Barnard gender studies major, I felt like I learned a ton of really useful and important stuff in this class. Also the class itself was very small and fostered great discussions.


heavy readings (but also its a 4000 level, 4 credit lecture) about 100-150 pages a week (though you really don't need to read all of them in depth)
a midterm (which he gives you the questions in advance)
a take home final

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