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[FREN UN2122] Intermediate Conversation French II

May 15, 2017

Queuniet, Sophie Silver_nugget
[FREN UN2122] Intermediate Conversation French II

I'm pretty sure Queuniet didn't like me all too much. I forgot to turn in a vocab sheet quite in time, and she was pretty obviously miffed.

That being said, I want to give her the highest possible recommendation! Sophie is a strong native speaker with an incredible vocabulary. She can call to memory random words, define them using only french, and still make it all interactive and fun. In a conversation class, you'd figure that there would be a lot of awkward silence, even from the professor, but it wasn't like that at all! She wasn't an overbearing, domineering professor that solely commanded the class. Nor was she a (pardon the French) laissez-faire professor, leaving it all to the students. Sophie was the excellent medium; she managed to steer conversations effortlessly from topic to topic, leaving all students satisfied. She brought in some french students to talk to, played "Taboo" with us, broadened our vocabulary immensely, and forced us to speak only in French. She was an excellently versatile professor, able to handle everything.

That being said, she was by NO means an easy-A professor. If you struggle with vocab every so often like I do, she can be pretty brutal on quizzes. I haven't heard of any other Conv. Fr. teacher that gives quizzes yet. She also judges your presentations pretty harshly, but makes excellent criticism points. She wasn't an easy teacher, but if you really, really wanna improve your French, she's the professor to do it.

The thing she did best was pronunciation - Sophie had a website that she would use to play little games to test our pronunciation. There were even some questions about it on our quizzes! My pronunciation was about a million times better at the end than it was at the beginning, and I'd considered myself fairly strong in that area.

What a wonderful French teacher. To top it off, she brought us breakfast on the last day of class! Really cannot urge you enough: TAKE THIS DAMN CLASS.


Assiduité - 20%
Petits Interros - 15% (really challenging!)
Listes de vocabulaire - 10%
Participation (orale en classe et devoirs) - 20%
Présentation finale - 10%
Présentations orales - 25%

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