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[FREN BC3110] French New Wave Cinema

May 19, 2017

Boyman, Anne Silver_nugget
[FREN BC3110] French New Wave Cinema and [FREN BC3062] Women in French Cinema

I've taken two of Anne's film classes (offered in the spring semesters) and they're with the French department so you need to know French to watch the films (they do have subtitles) and to understand every speaking, but you can write your essays in English if you're not a French major/minor. You can also do your midterm in English as well, if you want. The classes are about 2 hours long (it was always at 2:40pm, as well) and you generally watch a film and then discuss it for several days before watching another film. Anne is a nice professor and very laid back. There is relatively little for you to do in this class besides watch films, discuss what you just watched, and then watch more films. In one class she gave us a group project (which was running the discussion about the film that day) and in another class she gave us an open ended sort of essay that we wrote up as a grade besides just our midterm and the final paper. She is incredibly lax in what you can write about, and her midterms are open ended enough to include all the films you've seen up to that point. Midterm is 3 essay prompts, and you pick two. Generally doesn't take the entire class period, so you could be out a bit early. I used this class for some of my Barnard 9 ways, and also it was just a fun way to spend my time. Sometimes it was boring or hard to focus, but I think that was mostly due to the length of the class. I actually used some of the films in this class for papers in other classes of mine, so if you just happen to be taking a few lit/philosophy/french classes at the same time as this one, it may be useful for other courses.


one midterm
final paper, at least 8 pages long, can be upwards of 15 if you want
an essay before the midterm or a group project, depending
some reading at the beginning of the semester, very little of it

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