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[AFRS-BC2005] Caribbean Cultures and Societies

November 08, 2017

Horn, Maja Gold_nugget
[AFRS-BC2005] Caribbean Cultures and Societies

Professor Horn is honestly one of the best professors I've had here at Barnard. She's insightful, so clear in her lectures and takes the time to get to know you as a student. She's super approachable, just a very kind person. She is so knowledgeable about the Caribbean and poses super interesting questions to the class, leading us on kind of long debates or conversation. She loves hearing student's experiences/perspectives. Overall she is never discouraging and really makes you feel at ease (especially if you don't love speaking up in class, I thought I would have to force myself to participate but honestly it's probably the opposite). This class was super interesting, 95% of the readings are just as interesting. This class explores the Caribbean from before colonization to the time following independence. I would highly recommend this class and Professor Horn!


Good amount of reading, but usually the readings are super simple or super interesting so you get through them relatively quickly. She has a weird habit of having longer readings in the week as opposed to the weekend, so I just read ahead during the weekends to not ruin my week.
Take home midterm and final
Occasional in class reading quiz (just about major themes in the text/new ideas/connections to previous texts) --- supeeerr simple, she gives 6 quizzes and gets rid of lowest score
20-25 min in class presentation on one of the readings (present major themes, etc, basically what's on reading quiz and have some questions for the class to discuss)
Lectures are always set up to talk about major themes, new ideas and connections to other texts so the quizzes/presentation are pretty simple.

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