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[PSYC X1001 ] Introduction to Psychology

December 20, 2017

Stokes, Patricia Silver_nugget
[PSYC X1001 ] Introduction to Psychology

Professor Stokes is a funny woman.
Her class is most definitely not difficult, as long as you show up. Professor Stokes doesn't follow any of the textbook's outline for the information and she basically makes her own curriculum. Her class if definitely interesting, she brings in many personal examples for the different topics that this class covers. She grades very fairly, and it is most definitely not hard to get an A. She gives extra credit for every exam, for example. She talks about her past professions A LOT, and how she doesn't need the money she earns from teaching, but if you could get past those two things this class is probably the best option for an Intro. Psych at Barnard.


No readings, assignments, or homeworks. Only one take-home essay for each exam (not difficult, based on clear ideas we reviewed in class) which counts for part of the exam and an additional extra credit essay which is also added to the exam.
Very light workload.

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