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[ASTR UN3986] Astrostatistics

January 11, 2018

Kipping, David
[ASTR UN3986] Astrostatistics

Project based course in which you will learn implementing statistics in Python. For every other project you need to prepare for a 3 minute presentation which is good practice for future talks.

This class doesn't have astronomy/physics prerequisites and in fact Professor Kipping says himself that this course will give you good preparation for both academic and industry. Take this class if you want to get an introduction to data processing with a science background.

Final project require a pretty substantial report which takes time. This class will be much easier if you know Python. The statistics are straightforward and Kipping is a good lecturer.


Four projects and two talks. Each project (code/slide) can be 5-10h (incl. lab session) depending on coding preparations. Final project that's slightly more than a project, but the report is probably going to be >3 pages, and due final week.

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