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[PSYC GU4235] Special Topics in Vision

January 17, 2018

Graham, Norma
[PSYC UN] Computational Approaches-Human Vision and [PSYC GU4235] Special Topics in Vision

Graham really cares about her seminar and students. She created a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment in which we could explore topics we were interested in. The class gives you an excuse to browse online vision-related psychology articles.

Unlike other psychology professors, she encourages non-majors to take her classes because she values perspectives coming from people studying quantitative STEM fields. Other professors don't let anyone who's not majoring or concentrating in psychology into their seminars.


She encourages you to spend 9 hours a week outside of class for individual research.
Weekly reports (short), 4 presentations per person (each presentation was one hour long), 1 final report (10 to 20 pages).

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