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[HUMA-1123] Masterpieces of Western Music

January 05, 2021

Wermager, Sonja
[HUMA-1123] Masterpieces of Western Music

I truly enjoyed her class. She is a sweetheart. even though to many the music terms may be hard, she explains them in a very clear way. She is an easy grader and gives you good feedback. 100% would take her again if given the chance.


1 midterm, 1 final and some short essays.

November 14, 2019

Mariusz, Kozak
[HUMA-1123] Masterpieces of Western Music

I like him! He teaches the class pretty straightforwardly. Each class we talk about a different composer. He has ~opinions~ on the Core and will share them sometimes and let us debate about women/western/what's considered art/can pop music be art, but this doesn't dominate the discussion -- usually we're talking about the readings, the music, techniques, context, etc. He is good at getting across info and allowing for interesting discussions/participation.


Readings and listening every class, can be longish but usually t taken it yet.

April 24, 2019

Vagnerova, Lucie Silver_nugget
[HUMA W1123] Music Humanities and [HUMA-1123] Masterpieces of Western Music

Avoid her. If she doesn't like you, you probably won't get a good grade.


midterm, music site essay, opera project, final

She's not bad but she's not that good either. Nothing special...
If you can find another professor, I recommend you change sections. If you stay in this class just try to talk a lot....


Midterm, opera concert + project, 3 page essay, final, weekly readings

Sure yes, this class is demanding and you may feel frustrated with the workload and start resenting the professor, but this class is doable, and Mailman is very passionate about music and teaching. For a 3 credit class you are going to have a workload more akin to a 5 credit class, and whilst there is a lot of preparation--reading the textbook, watching videos, doing the Mediathread assignments, there is also a lot of flexibility. Prof Mailman gives opportunities for extra credit both on homework and the exams. We had to write two papers, one on the opera which we went to together as a class and the other for a concert of our own choosing. He gave us ample time for both papers(several weeks) and provided detailed feedback. The final exam did literally take the whole 3 hours and was very content filled, yet there were many opportunities for extra points in one area if you may have struggled in another. I would say don't take this class if you are simply just looking to fulfil the core requirement and want to drift, but if you really want to learn about music, and are prepared for all the work that will come with truly developing a skill that you may have otherwise not pursued I would recommend this class.


2-3 Mediathread assignments/week (need to complete 25 in total during the semester) 15%
2 Essays 30 %
5 Quizzes on Courseworks 15%
Final 30 %
Participation 10 %

April 09, 2018

Ivanova, Velia Gold_nugget
[HUMA-1123] Masterpieces of Western Music

If you're in her section, consider yourself lucky. Very low-stress class, highly enjoyable in fact. Amazing professor!


6 Unit quizzes, 6 written responses (400-500 words each), final exam, & extra credit opportunity. Totally manageable workload.

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