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[PSYC 2490] Evolutionary Psychology

July 01, 2019

Reed, Lawrence
[PSYC 2490] Evolutionary Psychology

It would be amazing if every professor at Columbia was like Professor Reed. He is levels above the two other psyche professors I've met, and levels above many other professors in unrelated disciplines.

He was available via text, call, email, after class, and office hours.
He responded quickly and accurately.
He followed up to insure all questions had been answered.
His presentations were fun, informative, and concise.
His presentations were available prior to class.
His syllabus was informative and well paed.
He made all quizzes and exams available with answers attached. They became learning material.

I would take any class I could with him.

I easily learned twice as much, in the short summer session 2019 in Professor Reed's open, transparent, and engaging Evolutionary Psyche, than I did in the entire Kafkaesque Spring session with Professor Lindeman's Experimental Psyche and Human Behavior with its opaque grading and secrecy over exam your.


The reading is serious. There were 44 pdfs some fifty pages long of single spaced research reports and sections from various books. It was all doable, but it was far more than 15-20 per week. I'd do it all again.

August 19, 2018

Reed, Lawrence
[PSYC 2490] Evolutionary Psychology

Stop reading this review and just enroll in the class. Ian is a nice guy and what I love about his style of teaching is that he is very efficient in communicating the material. Honestly though, there were many moments during his class where I think to myself "why haven't I thought of that". He makes slides relevant by including GIFs etc. Rather easy grader too.



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