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Statistics for engineers

November 08, 2018

Dieker, Antonius
Statistics for engineers

In light of the current reviews, I believe good ol’ Ton deserves some more credit. Don’t get me wrong, stats with him was the single most unnecessarily challenging class I’ve ever taken, but, to his redemption, also one of the most rewarding ones.

Problem sets are long and way too hard for you to even try to solve them. I was only able to half-way get at a solution after hours of going over them with classmates and religiously attending office hours. His exams were a hard hit on my self esteem and rely on a much deeper understanding of the material than what is needed for the already impossible psets. That being said, Dieker is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. He’s one of the few ones who really care about his students and seems genuinely happy to be there. He knows all of his students by name and actually takes a couple of minutes off the lecture to chat with people individually and get to know them better. As for the memorizing, it is true: he is one of those dinosaurs who will make you memorize single fucking thing. However, I truly believe this helped me develop a better intuition for the material I would have not gotten otherwise.

I completely disagree with other reviewers on Dieker’s office hour policies. He was always eager to host office hours by appointment for those who couldn’t attend the regular ones, and from my personal experience, was always pretty helpful. I now feel solid about stats, up to the point where stat-based classes like econometrics and - I’d even say the first half of stochastic systems - feel like a breeze.

Long story short: tough guy who will make you sweat blood for it, but who will truly make you learn stats and prepare you for future courses.



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