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[PHYS-BC3001] Physics 3: Waves and Optics

December 07, 2020

Halpin-Healy, Timothy
[PHYS-BC3001] Physics 3: Waves and Optics

lol this guy sucks. the review from 2001 is the most accurate. he is incredibly disorganized, assigns really hard and impossible exams/assignments. he spends most of office hours blabbing about random things instead of answering your question. there are 7 textbooks and no syllabus. he also gives whatever grade he wants to give you bc everyone fails the exams (like the average was a 50). tbh only take this course if you need it for the requirement, you wont learn much and itll be absolutely miserable but it is what it is.


Covid times - 2 take-home exams (both really hard/long), weekly homework assignments (labs/explorations that took like 15 hours each), 11 labs that make up 50% of the grade (wtf)

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