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[PSYC 3445] The Brain & Memory

January 08, 2019

Aly, Mariam
[PSYC 3445] The Brain & Memory

Mariam was an excellent professor. She's the kind of professor you reflect on at the end of the semester (after your paper is done, that is!) and marvel at how attentive, direct, stimulating, and nice she was. The readings for the class were great. There's a steep learning curve but nothing unmanageable. You have enormous latitude in deciding what your paper is about. Mariam is clearly immersed and in love with her field and is mroe than happy to answer any questions you have, academic or professional.
Assignments are returned within hours, usually less. I know, amazing isn't it? And her rubrics are followed to a t: you'll never be unclear about why she took points off, and so can adjust your next piece accordingly.

Overall, great class for someone looking for exposure to primary source scientific literature on memory (behavioral and biological).


Weekly one paragraph reading responses, about 2-3 hours of reading per week. The presentation took me 6 hours to create and practice, and the paper took me about a week to finish. Start early!

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