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[PSYCH UN 2430] Cognitive Neuroscience

January 25, 2019

Spagna, Alfredo
[PSYCH UN 2430] Cognitive Neuroscience

Spagna is an engaging lecturer. He is good at explaining concepts and anticipating difficulties. He's also sort of funny/knows how to use memes in his presentations, and he encourages participation without getting off-track. He is very open and responsive to feedback from students about how he teaches the class/designs the tests. Overall a super smooth class with lots of things to memorize, but quite doable if you attend lecture, read the book, and study for the tests. I highly recommend this class; I'm a humanities major and took this as the second part of my science requirement, and I do not regret it.


2 midterms (each 20%), a paper (20%), and a cumulative final (40%). Honestly not too bad if you set aside a lot of time to get prepared for each test.

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