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[PSYCH UN 2430] Cognitive Neuroscience

May 21, 2020

Aly, Mariam
[PSYCH UN 2430] Cognitive Neuroscience

I absolutely adored her class and found her to be incredibly knowledgeable and kind. Although she can be a little soft spoken, she makes lectures very easy to follow and provides you with the exact information you need to know. She makes office hours very open and warm and I highly recommend going if you need help or just wanna get to know more about her research or opportunities in the department. The first exam was really easy, and is really similar to the practice exam she gives. I didn’t have her other exams because of the pandemic, and instead we had exam assignments. These assignments would have us apply the knowledge provided to us in lecture podcasts, and actually really helped me solidify my understanding of the material. The average for the course was an A-, and even outside of the pandemic her percentage of A’s is really high. That being said you should still focus on starting your studying early for exams because she covers A LOT of material and terms that you have to know. Overall highly recommend her and this course.


Average Load:
1 3 page, single-spaced essay: 20%
2 comprehensive Midterm Exams (Midterm Assignments during pandemic): Lower grade is 15% higher is 25%
1 comprehensive Final (Final Assignment) 40%
Optional discussion posts that can add up to 5% to your grade

January 25, 2019

Spagna, Alfredo
[PSYCH UN 2430] Cognitive Neuroscience

Spagna is an engaging lecturer. He is good at explaining concepts and anticipating difficulties. He's also sort of funny/knows how to use memes in his presentations, and he encourages participation without getting off-track. He is very open and responsive to feedback from students about how he teaches the class/designs the tests. Overall a super smooth class with lots of things to memorize, but quite doable if you attend lecture, read the book, and study for the tests. I highly recommend this class; I'm a humanities major and took this as the second part of my science requirement, and I do not regret it.


2 midterms (each 20%), a paper (20%), and a cumulative final (40%). Honestly not too bad if you set aside a lot of time to get prepared for each test.

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