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[FREN UN 3240] French Language, Society, and Culture through Film

January 25, 2019

Holst-Knudsen, Heidi Silver_nugget
[FREN UN 3240] French Language, Society, and Culture through Film

Prof Holst-Knudsen is a wonderful teacher and a super nice human being. I came to this class with pretty solid French and was initially a little skeptical about her American accent since I wanted to focus on improving my own, but it was not a problem at all. The class is well-designed, covering major topics such as xenophobia in France, WWII/la résistance, and French industrialisation during the Trente Glorieuses. It would be a great introduction to major French issues for a freshman or someone who hasn't taken college French courses beyond straight-up language courses.
Prof Holst is really great at letting everyone talk. I got so much speaking practice, and everybody contributed during almost every class. Prof Holst gives correction when you speak (though not everything) and always does so respectfully and encouragingly.
She returns every written post in a very timely manner with detailed feedback on language use.
She is so considerate (i.e. having a few assignments rather than actual class right before break when she knows everyone will be gone anyway, not requiring a response post if we have to watch more movies than usual, etc.)
Only real drawback is that there's no super critical film theory, if that's what you're looking for.
Bottom line: so helpful (especially in terms of language), fun class to take, and just about the most dedicated professor you'll find


Not bad and very predictable: About 1 movie per week, each with response post, correction of said post, weekly self-compiled vocabulary list, one presentation during the semester (everybody picks a movie to present on and lead discussion for), and a written in-class final with grammar (based on the class's most common mistakes) and essay questions

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