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[MDES 4624] Advanced Hindi I

May 02, 2019

Shankar, Jishnu
[MDES 4624] Advanced Hindi I

I really did not enjoy this class. It's incredibly dry, and Jishnu's habit of talking slowly and going in-depth on grammatical minutiae really impeded my learning experience. Most of the class was spent reading stories or articles aloud and translating. I'd argue my grasp of Hindi diminished over the course of the semester. On top of that, he's an irrationally hard grader who gave NO full marks on any HW, even if you sent him a rough draft to review beforehand.

Don't recommend -- take a class with Rakesh or Aftab instead.


HW/essay weekly, graded harshly
Midterm exam, not too bad
Final presentation, graded harshly

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