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Seminar in Secondary School Curriculum Development

May 01, 2002

Gibbs, Jean
Seminar in Secondary School Curriculum Development

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Ugh! This was an awful class. Dr. Gibbs seems to be a nice person but is a completely incompetent teacher .... pretty ironic, considering this is a course in which she is supposed to be teaching us how to teach. She is cryptic and unclear (reminiscent of the Oracle of Delphi) about expectations and assignments. By the end of the semester, she still had not learned all the names of the 12 or so students in the class, despite the fact that we had name tags and she took attendance every time. She makes a concerted effort to find elements of your work to criticize.... and don't expect her to give you much, if any, positive feedback. She also has an annoying habit of writing comments on post-it notes that she sticks on your assignment, so that they often fall off, leaving you with no idea why she only gave you a 7 out of ten on your lesson plan/journal entry, etc. She sometimes loses assignments and then blames you and lowers your grade. Her lectures mostly consist of her mumbling about HER philosophy or techniques of teaching - and she will not tolerate any opinions that are contrary to hers. Dr. Gibbs is a former middle school teacher who assigns heaps of eighth-grade-level busy work; it's not difficult, but it is a huge waste of time and a pain to complete. The exception to this is the "portfolio" of stupid responses and artwork lauding the existence of her beloved educational standards that must be handed in at the end of the semester - my classmates and I decided it was more at a second-grade level. The only good thing about this course was that I became pretty close with the other students as we bonded over our contempt for her and the class. If you want to be a teacher, that's great.... but get certified elsewhere. Stay away from this class!


Lots of stupid busy work. You will feel like you're in some kind of warped junior high from hell since the assignments are completely brainless, yet the sheer volume of them manages to take up a lot of time.

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