December 24, 2004

Hua, Shao-Ying Silver_nugget
[BIOL W3004] Neurobiology I: Cellular & Molecular

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Hua is very nice, but not the greatest instructor. I'm not sure how good the Columbia class is in comparison, but this class requires a lot of independent studying to grasp the material. Don't expect to get very much out of lecture. Although not the best thing to say, it's probably better to miss lectures, study the material thoroughly on your own and then go to her for office hours to ask questions about what you don't understand. The main use I got out of lectures was knowing what we were going to be tested on rather than an understanding of the material. Her tests are somewhat hard to understand too, because of wording issues. Not the best class in the world, but not the worst. Definitely a fairly thorough introduction into the concepts of neurobiology.


two midterms and a final, which tests you on problem areas of the first two midterms and the last third of the class. You definitely have to keep up with the readings, from a textbook that doesn't explain things very well. Put in a lot of time for the readings and go to office hours or schedule time with her for everything you don't understand and you'll be golden