December 29, 2004

Gavronsky, Serge Silver_nugget
France on Film

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

While some people in the class seemed to find Serge fascinating to no end, there was another substantial percentage (myself included) who found his lectures to be disorganized and rambly. He was endlessly fascinated with uninteresting minutiae, like what kinds of hats the people in the films wore. There was no focus at all on the history of French cinema or on the art of the films themselves. Instead, Serge free associates and rambles about whatever occured to him while watching the films. Supposedly, the class is divided into three sections, but the divisions are arbitrary and he doesn't really stick to them anyway. Additionally, Serge invariably keeps you 20-25 minutes late for a 50 minute class. Overall, pretty pointless.


Two 7-8 page papers in English, one crazy midterm with nonsensical questions. Serge seems to be a decent grader though.