January 02, 2005

Kori, Yumi
Perception Studio

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Yumi's class was a joke. While other classes were experiencing their first real studio course, and working really hard on projects that turned out beautifully, and actually learning something about architecture, those of us condemned to yumi's section made countless photocollages. Most of our projects had nothing to do with architecture, and we really didn't learn any drafting skills. The course was a waste of a semester. Not only were Yumi's projects poor choices, she lacks the necessary english language skills to be a critic. The extent of the feedback she gave us were phrases such as "interesting," "not working so well", "not successful." The TA tried to compensate for Yumi's extreme lack of guidance, constantly having to act as a sort of interpreter ("i think what yumi is trying to say by "interesting" is...."). Though Yumi may be a kind person, and may excel at creating art installations such as "green balloons in envelopes", in my opinion she should not be teaching architecture studios at columbia. The experience of her class makes me want a refund for the semester. Everything I learned was through my own independent explorations. Also, instead of supplementing her lack of english skills and critical expertise with articulate guest critics who were architects, all of the guest critics seemed to be friends from her international studio, and were blocked by the same language barrier. Another problem with the class was the lack of formality in the pin-ups. Instead of having at least one formal review, all of our reviews for the class took place on a table in the front of the classroom, or in the hallway. Yumi seemed incapable of coordinating these in an effective way, often changing her mind about the setup several times the day of the pin up, forcing everyone to rearrange while the guest critics sat there.
She also seemed incapable of switching up the order in which students presented.

Overall, the class was a complete waste of my time at Columbia, and I feel that I have missed out on an important part of the experience of the architecture major at Columbia by not getting the intended experience of the Perception Studio.
Most students' work in the class was terrible, mainly due to the lack of guidance from Yumi, as well as the low standards she set, and I can't see most of them including any of it in a portfolio.


4 projects- 1: measuring architecture with your body, 2: photocollage of your bedroom, perspective drawing of your bedroom, photocollaged perspective drawing of your bedroom, 3: interactive model showing the experience of traveling through McIntosh student center, and 4: a "portable architectural device with an interior space and at least 5 windows that transforms a boring outdoor public space into an interesting space." also several 1-page papers, but almost everyone got A's on these.

much lower expectations than other classes.