January 04, 2005

Evans, Harold
[PHYS C1001] Physics for Poets I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

One of the few (two) professors I've had so far at Columbia who seems to genuinely enjoy teaching and the subject matter he presents. Extemely organized, Professor Evans writes all major concepts, lists and examples he touches upon on the board. He never strays from the subject at hand and is open to questions from the class. Although the class involved a bit more math than I had expected, it was nothing earth-shattering and Professor Evans covered and explained it thoroughly.

He's really an excellent professor and I'd recommend taking this class with him. This is the only class this past semester I actually did NOT drift off to sleep in.


Extremely light. 6 optional (unless you attend Barnard, I believe) problem sets, which he provides detailed answers for after they are due, three exams and an optional essay.