May 06, 2001

Pritchett, Frances
[ASCM V2357] Introduction to the Civilization of India

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I was not surprised to find a couple negative reviews for Professor Pritchett related to her Indian Civ course. I do not doubt that these plaintive and banal criticisms came from the several students who were too preoccupied with their own cultural hypersensitivity to actually to listen to Prof. Pritchett's insightful lectures. There were many students who mistook the discussion time at the end of each lecture to be an open-fire on Prof. Pritchett's supposed disregard for Indian citizens. This is ridiculous. I personally believe that Prof. Pritchett is an engaging intellectual who is not too self-conscious to show her almost child-like awe and respect for the beautiful, innumberable works of Indian art and literature that we cover in class. For those of you in my class who complained of having to familiarize yourselves with too many 'facts' that span 'thousands of years', what did you expect from a civ course that covers a nation as ancient as India? I highly recommend this class for those who are genuinely interested in immersing themselves in India's rich history.


A lot of reading, and keeping up to date with the website (which, by the way, is incredibly helpful). Web board postings are encouraged, but not required. Tough midterm and final, but fair in the selection of material.