January 12, 2005

Balmer, Randall Silver_nugget
Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I think professor Balmer is a really wonderful person, but there were definitely positives and negatives about this class. I LOVED the subject matter, but I felt that Balmer placed a lot more importance on memorizing names and dates than on talking about the significance/implications of the material. Because there was little discussion, this means you dont have to do the vast majority of the reading(good), but that the information you get can be very surface. The saving grace here is the amazing movie series we watch, Eyes on the Prize, which bring everything to life. He lectures according to a power-point, we often ended early, it's very painless. Overall an easy and inspiring class where you can totally choose your level of involvement and get a good grade either way.


A ton of reading; it's interesting but in all honesty i did hardly any of it and it did not damage my grade. The midterm and final are very straight-forward and easy(the midterm was easier in my opinion). Two 6-8 pg. papers or one 15-20 pg. one(I did this in 2 days, handed it in a day late and never did a rough draft and got almost a perfect score..so im guessing the T.A.'s grade leniently). Supposedly he is very strict about deadlines, but this was not my experience.