January 18, 2005

Evans, Harold
[PHYS C1001] Physics for Poets I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Evans' style of teaching allowed me to enjoy learning about physics more than I could have imagined. I really enjoyed his laid-back style and how he realized that the students in the class weren't going to have the mathematic capabilities of physics majors, making the class more about history and less about applications. The midterms and finals were very fair, especially the midterms. There are two optional texts (which are helpful), NO REQUIRED HOMEWORK (problem sets are posted with solutions for work), and all you really need to do is attend class and take notes to get a B or higher.


two midterms and a final, not too difficult. grading on a curve but it isn't a system where everyone gets A's. the average is a B+/B I'd say.