January 20, 2005

Evans, Harold
[PHYS C1001] Physics for Poets I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I LOVED Professor Evans and I LOVED his class. As other reviews stated, he is extremely well organized, very respectful of any and all questions, and endearingly corny on many occassions. Lectures are really important but if you go to them regularly, you don't have to do much other work. You definitely have to study for the midterms and the final, but that's the only time you need to do outside work -- only three times all semester.

The best part of this class is you actually walk away smarter. In some ways, it is more difficult than math-based physics because you have to be able to explain the concept of curved spacetime in words, not in equations (which is the way physicists think about it so they don't go crazy). But you will be able to do that, and you will feel so good about it.


Three tests that require studying before; one optional paper that can be great if you choose a topic that interests you; essential attendences at lectures.