January 26, 2005

Miron, Dan Silver_nugget
[MDES W3541] Zionism: A Cultural Perspective and [MDES W3542] Intro to Israeli Literature

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Dan Miron is one of the best professors I have had at Columbia. He is incrediblly knowledgable, eloquent, kind and caring of every student in his class. However, if you are looking for a class where you will be entertained, Professor Miron is just not your guy. In the end, I took him twice because I learned so much more about Israel, the Jewish people and myself that in any other course. He is very balanced in his different views he gives for each issue discussed and never focuses on his own personal positions in the classroom. Overall, you will gain a lot from this professor. Just rememberm these are cultural and sociological literature courses and NOT a poli-sci course.


VERY light, readings that you really never have to do. No midterm, 1 take home paper due whenever you want on whatever you want and 1 straightforward final. Hoever if you want to do the readings, they're great.