April 23, 2005

Jouanneau-Fertig, Isabelle Silver_nugget
[FREN BC3007] Commercial-Economic French

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The class is only offered in spring, and is open mostly to graduating seniors, though if you're a junior who wants to work in France over the summer, or a student at one of the grad schools, you probably could talk your way in. It's a pretty unique course -- it's designed to help you navigate your way around the job market in France, or be at least comfortable with the rudiments of doing business there. So we learnt the French terms for business terminology, wrote French CVs, learnt how to write cover letters in French, learnt how interviews would generally be conducted... it was cool, IF that's your kind of thing. If you like French lit classes, this is absolutely not the same thing. We also learnt about the socio-econ climate of France, talked about its relationship with the EU, etc etc etc. I loved it, but I know there were some people who did not consider it a sufficiently "serious" French class. Whatever works for you, I guess. Mme Jouanneau-Fertig is as friendly and chatty as the other reviews have said.


If you're a French major it's almost a joke; if you're not, it might take some getting used to (especially if you're not fluent). The aforementioned letters and about 4 versions of your CV; about 5 resumes (summaries) of press articles, assorted worksheets. She distributes them like candy. Nothing too hard overall, but you'll have to spend *some* time on them. 3 tests + 1 midterm, no final. Instead, she prepares you for an external exam administered from Paris at the end of the semester. It's optional; you pay $100 to take it and you get a diploma if you pass. That exam is a little extra work, but not too much.