May 04, 2005

Deutsch, Celia
Accent and Voice: Minority and Immigrant Women's Literature

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

In this course we read good books, but each class was still, somehow, utterly boring. She has no control of the class. She allows people to go on tangents, and often joins in, when it is entirely irrelevant to the class. If you don't show up she won't do anything about it. And if you do, and dont speak, cause you obviously havent read, that doesnt hurt you either. She is a really nice woman, but is not a good english teacher. She teaches religion, which means her comments on papers suck and her grading is based on whether you met the page length requirement. This is bad because she asks for a ridiculous number of pages. It seemed like every other seminar had a lot less work. She barely teaches the entire semester, she makes pair of students lead discussion every class. Also, there is peer editing for the papers, which is good if you dont have the draft done on time, but bad if you actually want solid feedback from the person who is actually grading your paper. Again, she is a nice woman but that really isnt enough to make this class worth it. My suggestion, get the reading list and read those novels on your own time, because they are good and read relatively quickly.


An intellectual autobiography (4-5 pages), 1 5-7 page paper, 8-10 page paper, and the final paper (10-12 pages). Each person leads class with another student at least twice. Readings are relatively decent, a book a week, but they read quickly.