May 21, 2005

Anidjar, Gil
[CLME G4050] Freud & Derrida: An Introduction

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

He is too cool for school, it's true, which is why all the women in the class are in love with him. He is certainly nicer to the women who speak up than the men, which does not say much, because he is not very nice to either. That said, he is an excellent teacher: he brought a new dimension to my learning at Columbia by demanding that students look at not only individual words, but also syntax, and not only what a text says, but also HOW it says it (i.e. what does this sentence do? what does it produce in you as a reader? ). The only written assignment for the class was a final 10-12 page paper which required students to pick one paragraph from any of the texts we had laboriously and repeatedly read, and show how it means (through explication).

The class and the professor are both highly recommended because there is no bullshit--how rare!


Anidjar asked that we come to the second week of class having read all of the texts (of which there were perhaps 10). Most people probably read about 50 pages per week. One 10-12 page final paper. Anidjar probably doesn't care enough about grades to give you a bad one.