July 27, 2005

Galanter, Eugene
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Normally I don't bother to review on CULPA; however, I feel that all of the positive reviews about Galanter are incredibly misleading. It is obvious that only the students who "aced" this class are the ones attempting to elevate Galanter from a pompous piece of garbage to the level of a human being. What you should bear in mind is the huge number of students - about 50 - who withdrew from this section. Among them were a number of psychology majors. I know this for a fact as 3 psych majors withdrew from our study group. Galanter's "readings" consist entirely of books that he has written. Bear in mind: Galanter's books are geared towards his contemporaries in the psychology field - NOT undergraduates. There is no logical cohesion between lectures, the texts, and the syllabus. If there is a topic or formula that is unclear to you, then good luck finding an answer. Galanter tells the class: "Direct all questions to the TAs." The TAs in turn, were just as lost as the students. Originally there was to be a disucssion section, but Galanter decided that it was unecessary. After all, every student is well versed in statistics, as well as fluent in Latin. Which are required to understand several of the formulas. Personally, I think the glowing reviews about Galanter's class were posted by the TAs, or Galanter himself. Galanter will most likely remain in your memories far after the class ends as THE WORST Professor you will have at Columbia. I realize the intense negativity I am imbuing into this review, but it works to balance out all of the unfair "positive" repsonses on this class. If you are thinking of enrolling, ask around for feedback on Galanter. I am certain there are more students with hatred for this man, then there are with love.


3 tests & forget about the experiment participation - it's only used as extra credit in the end.