November 07, 2005

Mauel, Michael Silver_nugget
[APAM 1601] Introduction to Computational Math and Physics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Mauel is amazing. I took the class having no experience in Mathematica (which is the only program he uses) and was really very afraid after the first couple of classes. A lot of people drop out, but if you do the work (and Mauel is kind enough to read through all of your code for errors if you're stuggling) you will soon get over the computational barrier and learn a lot about the concepts. It seems to definitely be one of the harder pre-professional classes but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mauel is so energetic in class that it's obvious he really likes this stuff, and he's so willing to help you out. The TA was also extremely helpful. Although you do sometimes get caught up on trying to figure out syntax, it really it not difficult programming in the sense that you have all the code from lecture, so it's mostly copy and paste. Take this class and you will begin to love Mauel and the subject.


Weekly assignments in between four projects. Everything is done outside of class, but Mauel generally goes over the basic concepts that you need just before assigning them. With any of the work (including the final), either Mauel or the TA would help you out if you only email your program to them. The projects each involve a topic but you can go anywhere you want with them.