November 09, 2005

Applegate, James
[ASTR 1404] Beyond the Solar System

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The "C" fairy visited me for the first time at Columbia in this disaster of a class. Not only did I make an effort to come to every class (big mistake), and try to follow along with his incomprehensible lectures (stupid move #2), but I refused to cheat on the midterms and finals like so many others seemed to be doing (strike three!) Somehow, I really must have been remiss in understanding how awful this could really be. Apparently with someone like Jim Applegate, there's just really no way of getting out of the class after the drop date except dropping yourself out of the high window in the back of the lecture hall onto 120th Street.


Midterms and finals count for everything. No homework, and really no way of knowing what your grade's going to be apparently.