December 22, 2005

Miron, Dan Silver_nugget
[MDES W3542] Intro to Israeli Literature

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Miron is a GOD. This is the second course I've taken with him and I just had to write a CULPA review. He is the most intelligent professor I have met at Columbia. The man knows everything and anything about the subject of Israel and Literature.
You can tell Professor Miron has been doing this for years. His lectures are perfectly times and JAM-PACKED with information. I would leave every class with SEVEN pages of notes. Professor Miron is so passionate about the texts, too. When he talks about Haim Bialik you can see the admiration Miron has for his work just in the way he speaks. In addition, Miron knows many of the writers personally and has information on them and their writings, which you will find NOWHERE else.
The reviews about the difficulty in meeting with him and his gradings on papers is completely unfounded. I was not available during his office hours and he was EXTREMELY flexible in meeting with me. In fact, many times I would stop by his office unannounced to ask a really quick question about my paper and he was totally responsive. His grading is not hard at all if you take advantage of the LOADS of time he gives you to write your final paper. I turned in a rough draft, he gave it back to me by the next class with a good grade, he offerred some suggestions, and I got a really good grade on my second essay. He's totally a fair grader.

I recommend Miron's class to ANYONE who is interested in this subject. He guides you on such an intellectual journey that you will be happy you attend Columbia and that such brilliant and passionate professors like Miron exist. Every time I came to class, I truly felt like I was seizing the opportunity of a lifetime listening to this man educate me. I have no idea how the reviewer before had problems meeting with Miron. I met with him twice and he was extremely helpful. The special thing about Miron is that he actually listens to what you're saying and provides a very extensive response to every question you ask. About the earlier reviewer's comments on Miron's grading. Miron is a tough grader because he expects a great paper from students who have had half the semester to polish it. God forbid a teacher expect quality work from a student at Columbia.

If you go to his lectures, take his notes, appreciate the texts, and meet with Miron you'll not only do excellent in the class, but you'll learn so much information and leave feeling very knowledgeable on the subject.

A must-take professor.

Workload: One paper you have half the semester to write and can turn in rough drafts to him to edit and one take-home final which is really straightforward.


A 50% paper you have the entire semester to write and an extremely straightforward 50% final that you should ace if you come to class and take really good notes.