December 24, 2005

Albert, David
[PHIL W3551] Philosophy of Science

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I agree with what previous reviewers said about this class. One warning: if you are the type of person who won't do the reading or go to lecture unless you have to then you may as well not take this class. There's no midterm or final (he does threaten a midterm but I'm not sure if he's ever actually given one) and the paper can be on anything you want, so you could potentially go to the first week or two of class, pick a topic from those discussions, and never go back. And not having any tests means that you never have to study the material, which means you never really learn it. If you are relatively self-motivated, and the topic interests you, then Albret's class is definitely worth taking. But if you're lazy then you will end up knowing a bit about one very small subtopic of the philosophy of science, and not much else. Know thy self...


1 paper, 15-20 pages, on any topic from the course that interests you.